The Donut Show Ep. 027: An Interview With James J. Dillon, Wrestling Hall of Famer and Leader of the Original Four Horsemen


Welcome to Episode 027 of The Donut Show. This week your hosts Willis Wheeler and Jason Pyles bring you an in-depth interview with pro wrestling legend J.J. DILLON, dual Hall of Famer and the leader of the original Four Horsemen. We also briefly discuss the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, but the majority of this episode is a stroll down Memory Lane of pro wrestling history! Enjoy, and join us again next Thursday for our usual pop culture shenanigans!


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5 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 027: An Interview With James J. Dillon, Wrestling Hall of Famer and Leader of the Original Four Horsemen

  1. Guys, I’ve just seen Willis’s comments on Facebook that this might be the last episode of The Donut Show. I really hope it isn’t, I love the show and would miss it in a big way if it ends. What gives??

    1. Hi Shane,
      Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. Episode 028 will be our last Donut Show episode — at least for now… Sorry about the disappointment. But thank you so much for caring, listening and supporting our show. Sincerely… It means a lot to us.

  2. Hi Jason, Keith and Willis.
    I’m seeing some disturbing headlines on various social media pages this evening that tonight’s recording of the donut show is the last. I’ve been ill the last 10 days so haven’t been able to get a dose of my favorite pop culture podcast so I’m not entirely sure what’s gone on. If this is a time or resources issue then even though it’s hard to take is completely understandable. I’ve always appreciated the effect everyone gives to each of these shows and know sometimes something has got to give.
    I know we will still be able to hear Jason on the other shows he does and of coarse Willis seems to be the Co host of all other podcasts lol but that stills leaves us without a bit of Keith. Every great movie has a great antagonist and in the podcast world there’s none greater than Keith Stein. I think maybe being a Brit and with our sense of humour I really enjoy his “interjections” and the stories he tells just to wind up the other hosts and guests, a true master of dry wit.
    As much as I love the other shows it will be the pop culture talk that I’m gonna miss and also my excuse to have a weekly tasty treat.
    Take care you guys and hopefully this isn’t the end, just remember from the ashes of “considering the sequels” came the mighty phoniex that is Movie podcast weekly so who knows what the future holds.
    I give this show 3 out of 3 donuts but this news is a big fat zero

    1. Hi Julian,
      Your poetic line about how “from the ashes of Considering the Sequels came the mighty phoenix that is Movie Podcast Weekly” is probably my favorite comment ever. Gotta be top three, anyway. Thank you.

      Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. Episode 028 of The Donut Show will be our last episode, at least for now. We’re just not sure what the future holds, but we’re not calling it quits forever.

      As you’ve said, you know where to find Willis and me. And you’re right about Keith: That guy needs his very own Howard Stern of Canada Podcast, right? Yeah, he was born to interview people and get down to brass tacks! He has a gift for that.

      As I mentioned to Shane above, it genuinely means a lot to all three of us that we’ve had such supportive listeners (like yourself), who took the time to follow the show and listen to us ramble on and on for hours. It means the world.

      And as you’ve said … who knows? Maybe another Mighty Phoenix will arise!

      Thanks again.

      1. Hi all

        very sorry to hear the bad news

        i loved this show

        I am sure the guys have their reasons and am greatful for all the time and effort they have put ion over the last six months

        we had some great throwback guest

        JJ Dillon and TODD briDGES (I loved different strokes)

        anyway all the best guys and look forward to seeing you back in some incarnation in the future

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