The Donut Show Ep. 024: MLK, Oprah and Sanford and Son


This episode is dedicated to 8-year-old Tyler Doohan, a hero. Welcome to Episode 024 of The Donut Show. This week our special guest is GEEK CAST RY of Geek Cast Live Podcast. In this show, you’ll hear your favorite podcasters talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and “Civil Rights Day.” You’ll also hear a discussion about the relevance of Oprah, the controversies surrounding the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, Sanford and Son and much more!

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Next week’s guest!: Sabrina Goodman

Next week in Episode 025 of The Donut Show, model Sabrina Goodman will be joining us as our special guest. Sabrina is a part-time model and full-time real estate agent. She’s done modeling for calendars, print ads and commercials. She was chosen as one of Inside Fitness Magazine’s Top 100 Hot & Fit in January 2011. Be sure to tune in!

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7 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 024: MLK, Oprah and Sanford and Son

  1. Hey guys
    Julian from London (is that what im forever to be known as now ?)
    Great show as ever
    Just a quick one for Keith,and maybe Jason if he hasn’t got round to watching it yet.
    I feel the same way about TV at the moment, nothing good. For me its the aftermath of Breaking Bad finishing, there just isn’t anything that comes close. But ive just watched True Detective and what a show. 2 episodes in and Matthew McConaughey and, to Keiths liking, Woody Harrelson are superb. I love that its going to be a complete story in the 8 episodes as well and none of the cliff hanger, what will happen next finale that loads of shows end on.
    Check it out

  2. Julian, I think it’s McConaughey’s best performance ever. He does something which I’ve never seen in his other performances – mute his charisma. I like the show a lot. We need a few more like it.

      1. Ry it was you that mentioned the UK show Broadchurch in this weeks episode wasn’t it? I’m currently 6 episodes in and what a show it is. Beautifully shot and David Tennant and Olive Coleman are superb. Obviously the main storyline but mostly the scene where the old shopkeeper reveals his story to the father has made me want to go and hug my son like nothing else. Great recommendation.

    1. You absolutely right Keith, that’s exactly what makes his performance so good. Usually with these detective shows I’m looking for clues and thinking about the “who done it” aspect. Not once has any of that entered my mind I’m so caught up in the acting.

  3. I found the discussion about vinyl interesting, but people are not buying vinyl because they want a keepsake. There are really two groups buying vinyl, audiophiles who want the sound quality of vinyl, and a (much smaller) group of hipsters buying vinyl because they think its cool. Vinyl has been preferred by audiophiles for many years, and there has always been a market for vinyl in the audiophile market.

    One of the drivers of the resurgence of vinyl is that the vinyl is usually mastered differently than the CD, ironically due to the limitations of the medium. CD’s are often compressed and then maximized for loudness for playback in cars, mp3 players etc.

    Its proven that a louder song will sound better (at least initially) than a quieter song, so mastering engineers will squish the dynamic range and maximize the level so a song can stand out on the radio or elsewhere. The high dynamic range of a CD allows this, but the limited dynamic range of vinyl requires a lighter hand on the levels. While a “louder” mix might sound better in a car or on a cheap stereo, it sucks out the dynamics and life out of the music that would be revealed on a high fidelity system. This is known in audiophile circles as the “loudness war”. Here is a good explanation of what is going on with the loudness war.

    I believe (or at least hope) that there will be a similar resurgence in CD’s sometime in the near future as more people realize the increase in quality of a CD over a compressed mp3. MP3 is fine for portable use and playback on crappy bluetooth speakers, but many younger kids have been discovering high end headphones and the quality differences of a uncompressed CD and an mp3 is noticeable when played back on quality equipment. Even though headphones such as the Beats by Dre are pretty crappy by audiophile standards, they are starting to become a gateway to better quality gear for the younger generation.

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