The Donut Show Ep. 023: The Golden Globes and Christian Bale vs. Woody Harrelson


Welcome to Episode 023 of The Donut Show. This week our special guest is truck driver and writer SCOTT TEAL of

In this show, you’ll learn about the life of a truck driver, the new WWE network, Natalie’s new Book Review Podcast, some professional wrestling shop talk starring Willis and Scott, and you’ll hear us debate which actor is better: Christian Bale or Woody Harrelson? We have a poll question below so our listenership can weigh in. Please vote:

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Robert Downey Jr. and Sting sing: “Driven to Tears”

Natalie’s book of the week: Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

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5 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 023: The Golden Globes and Christian Bale vs. Woody Harrelson

  1. Hey guys another great show. Keith was on a real roll and was at his antagonising best, loved it.
    Firstly as my name shows im a Julian and do get called Jude from time to time but its purely a nick name, much like Julian Lennon. I dont think I’ve ever met a real Jude and am sure even Jude Law’s real name is David.
    As for famous singing siblings of a famous singing parents theres only two i can think of that had pretty good body of work.Willie Nelsons son Lukas and Bob Marleys son Ziggy. i own records by both and they make some great music.
    Talking of great music i just wanted to add that i now own all thats available from The Dave Eaton Element. What incredible songs they all are but i must say at the moment i have, when im not listening to the donut show of coarse, conversations with Craig on repeat. Gaze, Parsec and Pelagic Power especially are superb and im looking forward to the new album.
    Anyway im for my treat this week which is a Butterfinger Christmas coin that was on sale at the store. being thats its the end of January this may only be a 1 donut.
    Take care

  2. Thanks, Julian, for your comment. We’ll be reading your Deep Web e-mail in our next episode.

    Oh, and modesty be damned, everybody: I play piano in The Dave Eaton Element!


  3. Hey Julian – Great comment. Jason and Willis give me a hard time so it’s nice to know that some people don’t mind a little fire. Willis might have to start calling me Stone Cold Stein.
    Willis – You’re never chop liver!
    Thanks Julian

  4. I don’t like the Golden Globes because of its voting base – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of only around 90 members, which means you can win a Golden Globe with 19 votes. Considering that the HFPA is made up of so few people, and the Academy voter base has a few thousand, the HFPA is a lot more susceptible to bribery, as seen in ’81 when Pia Zadora won “Newcomer of the Year” – Zadora’s husband, a hotel owner, had flown the entire group to that hotel in Vegas for lunch and a screening of the film his wife was nominated for. They’ve gotten better, but this shouldn’t be possible in the first place.

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