The Donut Show Ep. 010: The Donut Show Goes to the Movies


For Episode 010 of The Donut Show, your intrepid hosts — Jason, Keith and Willis — welcome FILM CRITIC LAREMY LEGEL, author of See Change and Film Critic. You’re gonna love him (if you don’t know him already).

If you love movies — then you’re going to be donuts about this episode. Scan through the show notes below to see all the movie-related topics we cover. Thanks for listening!

SHOW NOTES for Episode 010:

1. Welcome | Intro
— Introducing film critic Laremy Legel
— Laremy’s new book “See Change”
— Women in Hollywood (and in superhero movies)
— KISS nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
— Listener feedback
— Some podcast shoptalk and the state of podcasting

2. Donut Mini Reviews

3. Trendy Talk and News
— Anthony Hopkins fan letter to Bryan Cranston
— Some of our favorite movie-related Web sites:

Laremy recommends:
Rope of
Box Office
Internet Movie
The Playlist | Indiewire

Willis recommends:
Box Office

Jason recommends:
Dave Becker’s 2,500 Movies Challenge: DVD
Eric D
David Bordwell’s Observations on Film Art
This one is just funny: Does the Dog

— The most overrated movies (that have been critically acclaimed)
— Oscar Bait: Best Picture contenders
— Recent great horror films

4. The Men’s Department
— Keith: Get your annual doctor’s checkup

5. Willis’s World
— Review of Stephen King’s first novel, “Carrie”
— All-time greatest films
— 3D TVs and DVD collecting
— D.C. and DC
— Is Batman a real superhero?

6. TV, Rock Gods and Whatever Happened to…
— Films that we wish had sequels

7. Considering the Cinema with Jason Pyles
– Box Office Recap — by special guest Laremy Legel
– Theater: Captain Phillips (2013)
— Cinematic Oddities (by Laremy): Beyond the Mat (1999) and “Golden Door” (2006)
– New on DVD: The Colony (2013) but Jason recommends “The Divide” (2011), instead…
Keith: Prometheus, Year of the Gun

8. Natalie’s Book Corner
“The Mapmaker’s Wife” by Robert Whitaker

9. Are You Getting Fat?
— Keith: Push yourself with some vigorous and strenuous activity

10. Word of the Day | Trivia
Word of the Day: Willis
Trivia: Keith

11. Donut Time

12. Closing

We’d like to thank the sponsor of our show — Bee Potion. And we’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.


Laremy Legel’s links:
On Twitter: @Laremy
Laremy’s book: Film Critic
Laremy’s new book: See Change
Laremy’s movie podcast: Brad ‘n’ Laremy on Movies

We highly recommend Eclectic Audio – a podcast review site!

Check out our friend Matt Warren’s What Do You Know? app

Keith’s plugs:
Keith on Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Willis’s plugs:
Willis Wheeler on TV’s Toy Hunter
Terror Troop horror movie podcast — with special guest wrestling legend AL SNOW!
Cinema Beef Podcast
On Twitter: @NastyWillDC
Willis On Facebook
Willis on the NFW Movie Commentary Podcast (mostly horror-related)

Jason’s usual plugs:
The Dave Eaton Element
Jason’s band’s music video: Brief Relief
Jason’s BIG Movie Podcast: Movie Podcast Weekly — listen to Episode 050!
Jason’s little Movie Podcast: Movie Stream Cast
Especially for HORROR MOVIE FANS: Horror Movie

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5 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 010: The Donut Show Goes to the Movies

  1. Jason, I’m not a huge fan of the new either, but at least it wasn’t just thrown up because he died — Ebert had been working on the new site for ages, and it just happened to be a double whammy (he dies, then the site changes) because he died so close to the planned release date.

    P.S. A good movie website is, which aggregates awards show predictions, including the Oscars.

  2. Hi Ken,
    I didn’t realize that about Roger I’m glad you told me, because now I can let it go and just get used to the new look. And thanks for the site recommendation! We appreciate you listening to The Donut Show.

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