The Donut Show Ep. 006: Are We Breaking Bad?


Episode 006 of The Donut Show is about Me, a competitive eater with an incredible back story, whether our whole society is “breaking bad,” and Me! Our special guest this week currently hold 8 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS — The Donut Show welcomes FURIOUS PETE of Furious And we also welcome back podcaster HEATHER HESS EATON from the All About Autism Podcast.

During this episode, you’ll hear your favorite hosts — Willis Wheeler, Keith Stein and Jason Pyles — talk about Vince Gilligan’s hit TV series “Breaking Bad,” the Me Me Me Generation and our favorite pills, potions and elixirs… We’ve also added a new book review segment by Jason’s own Natalie Pyles. Listen to our show and subscribe in iTunes! You’re gonna love it!

SHOW NOTES for Episode 006:
1. Welcome | Intro
2. Donut Mini Reviews
3. An Interview with Furious Pete
4. Trendy Talk and News
— Welcome guest Heather Hess Eaton
— Main theme: The Me Me Me Generation
— Pills, Potions and Elixirs

5. The Men’s Department
— Guys should update their attire and not just let themselves go

6. Willis’s World
— What happened to Saturday morning cartoons?

7. Considering the Cinema with Jason Pyles
— Box Office Report
— Theater: Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)
— New on DVD / Blu-ray: The East (2013)
— Oddity: Sushi Girl (2012)

8. Natalie’s Weekly Book Review
Breaking Night by Liz Murray

9. Are You Getting Fat?
— Look at a picture of yourself for some true perspective

10. Word of the Day | Random Facts
Word of the Day: Jason
Trivia: Keith

11. Donut Time

12. Closing

13. TV, Rock Gods and Whatever Happened to…
— Keith and Jason discuss “Breaking Bad”

Thanks you for listening. Join us next Thursday for another episode!

Special thanks goes out to our guests Furious Pete and Heather Hess Eaton. We’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.


Furious Pete’s links and recommended videos: (Note: Some Furious Pete videos have profanity.)
On Twitter: @FuriousPete
Furious Pete’s YouTube Channel
Documentary: The Story of Furious Pete

A Few Furious Pete Videos:
Before and After Photos
The Donut Challenge!
17 Jelly Donuts in Under 2 Minutes
150 Warheads!
Lemon Juice Chugging (has profanity)
Giant Ice Cream Brain Freeze in Japan

Hear more of Heather on the All About Autism Podcast

Follow Heather on Twitter: @HeatEaton

Arsenio Hall: Mormons can Dunk on Black People

Natalie recommends reading: Breaking Night by Liz Murray

Check out our friend Matt Warren’s What Do You Know? app

Keith’s plugs:

Willis’s plugs:
Terror Troop horror movie podcast — with special guest wrestling legend AL SNOW!
Cinema Beef Podcast
On Twitter: @NastyWillDC
Willis On Facebook
Willis on the NFW Movie Commentary Podcast (mostly horror-related)

Jason’s plugs:
The Dave Eaton Element
Jason’s BIG Movie Podcast: Movie Podcast Weekly — listen to Episode 050!
Jason’s little Movie Podcast: Movie Stream Cast
Especially for HORROR MOVIE FANS: Horror Movie

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One thought on “The Donut Show Ep. 006: Are We Breaking Bad?

  1. Jason – I have all the final season episodes of breaking bad in HD (purchased through Amazon). If you really want to get caught up before the finale, you are welcome to come over for a marathon before (or after) the finale.

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