The Donut Show Ep. 002: The Emmys Speculation and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Oversights


Here it is! Episode 002 of The Donut Show — it’s what happens when three grown men eat donuts and talk pop culture. You’re gonna love it! Your three metro-masculine hosts — Jason Pyles, Keith Stein and Willis Wheeler — spend about 90 minutes this time around, engaging in all sorts of crazy talk, randomness and reviews. And introducing our very first special guest — documentary filmmaker and podcast maven JOSHUA LIGAIRI of “Cleanflix” fame and the cinephile on Movie Podcast Weekly. For Episode 002, we discuss a number of topics — including some speculation about The Emmys and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame oversights. Give us a listen and subscribe!

SHOW NOTES for Episode 002:

1. Welcome | Intro
Congratulations to our Hostess swag winners: Jeff Hammer of Indiana and Carla Yates of West Virginia

2. Donut Mini Reviews
Keith: Krispy Kreme’s Pretzel Donuts
Willis: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Jason: Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe Cannoli

3. Trendy Talk and News
Willis: PlayStation 4 launch date announced by Sony
Keith: Lindsay Lohan admits to alcoholism, Serena Williams, Child actors, Prince George keeps his parents awake, A-Rod
Jason: A World Without Bees
Keith’s addenda: Can we slow or stop the aging process?, Madonna

4. The Men’s Department
— Men’s Health reports that some male athletes get pedicures at salons
– Defining the term “metrosexual”

5. Willis’s World
– WWE’s Summer Slam 2013

6. TV, Rock Gods and Whatever Happened to…
— Welcome Josh Ligairi!
— For modern songwriter greats, Jason recommends:
Ed Sheeran – “The A Team”
Brandon Heath – “I’m Not Who I Was
Glen Phillips – “Windmills”
The Dave Eaton Element – “Brief Relief”
Nate and Cole Find a Radio – “Hiding in the Basement”
— Speculation about The Emmys
— Rock and Roll Hall of Fame oversights

7. Box Office Recap and Jason’s 3 Movies in 3 Minutes
— Box Office Recap for Aug. 16 – Aug. 18, 2013
— Theater: Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
— New on DVD: Killing Season (2013)
— Lesser-Known Oddity: Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

8. Are You Getting Fat?
— Follow-up on the push-up challenge
— Man Boobs

9. Word of the Day | Random Facts
10. Donut Time
11. Closing

— Invitation to listeners to comment on the three Walmart toys pictured above. Leave us your thoughts in the show notes below.

Thanks you for listening. Join us next Thursday for another episode!

Special thanks goes out to Josh Ligairi for joining us on this episode. We’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.


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19 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 002: The Emmys Speculation and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Oversights

  1. Jay. You ate our straight from the factory hohos and twinkles? For shame. You stole my idea to quote Brad Paisley also. Well done. I’m sure he takes the minimal allowed makeup. While we’re on country music I too appreciate Taylor Swift, I personally think you have to respect the artists that do write their own songs and play an instrument, not to mention she opened her own management company so she didn’t get screwed. And she appears to be a good role model, but time will always tell on those sorts of things. You mentioned the Urban Dictionary. You must go there and look up “the jeff hammer”, and know that I didn’t put it there. Jason did you ever play “Ducktales” for NES? They just updated the graphics and added backstory, looks awesome. It’s called Ducktales Remastered its success or failure will decide if they give more games the treatment. Nice show, good to hear Josh.

  2. Thanks for having me on, guys. I had fun going back and listening to the portion of the show that I missed.

    I may have to break my diet due to this show again and grab myself one of those caramel pretzel donuts from Krispy Kreme. Sounds intoxicating.

    I love Chipoltle AND the chipolte the chili flavor. Ever since we started filming a doc in New Mexico, I’m a big fan of the Southwest cuisine.

    I haven’t played a video game since they released Grand Theft Auto and Tony Hawk, or owned a system since the Sega Genesis, but I do like to play video games–hypothetically. I always wanted to play the Wii Star Wars game where you get to wield a lightsaber, that sounded like a dream come true, but I’ve never gotten around to it.

    I too love the Williams sisters and I wonder if there is a Hoop Dreams style documentary about them. If there isn’t, there should be.

    I think you guys are right that we both worship and trash celebrities. They are our royals.

    Hahaha. Keith cracked me up with the “What you talkin’ about Willis?” line. I’m sure Willis gets that constantly and it is annoying, but it never occurred to me until now and was hilarious. That needs to be the name of a segment on the show. I knew Gary Coleman here in Utah, actually, and have some terrible stories about his last days. Keith is hanging with the Clintons, I’m hanging with the Colemans.

    1/3rd of the food WE eat relies on bees. Jason’s is probably more like 1/20th, but 1/3 is pretty significant. I saw The Vanishing of the Bees at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2009 and I thought it was great. Interesting to hear a follow-up. This has inspired me to get some bees myself. I’ve been wanting to create a homestead-type environment at my place for awhile, I’m actually really into gardening and we’ve got a lot of fruit trees, so I’m going to take a step into giving a beehive a try.

    Boy, I walked into the fire with that pedicure question. I’m with Keith on that one. Nothing wrong with smelling or looking like a metro-sexual, but I agree that you don’t want to be too high-maintenance as a guy or gal. I don’t mind walking barefoot in the mud, sleeping in the woods with grizzly bears nearby, I DO have a big beard, but now that I’ve tasted the goodness of pedicures, I will never go back. I’d get one once a week if I could afford it. No lie.

    Had a blast, guys. Big step-up from last episode to this one. I gave you a 4/5 last time, but that would make this a 6/5. Looking forward to more.

  3. I ragged on Michael Jackson and Prince for being crazy. Here are two of my favorite examples.

    First, Thomas Dolby from “The Moth” podcast (true stories told live in front of an audience, highly recommended listening) talking about meeting Michael Jackson. Very strange. You may have heard much stranger things about MJ from from MJ himself, but this has an interesting angle you rarely see:

    Next, Kevin Smith telling a mind-boggling and hilarious story about working with Prince (or trying to) from his “An Evening with Kevin Smith” DVD (another high recommend for cinegeeks who don’t mind lots of cussing and frank talk):

    That one is about 30 minutes, but so worth your time, as is the hole DVD, available here:

  4. Jason, This Josh blows my mind. How does he know so much? Best special guest yet. Hope we can make a habit of this.
    Also, Jeff Hammer’s Gosling video further testament to Canadian courage or something. Thanks Jeff.

  5. @Hammer — The fact that those snack cakes were fresh from the factory is exactly why I stole them from you…

    @Melissa, Stephen and Danielle — Thanks. We appreciate you for listening.

    @GS — Yes, Willis is absolutely for real… (We get that question all the time.)

    @Randee — I totally agree! I’ve been telling Keith… we’re going to have to get a female perspective worked into the show somehow. : )

    @Keith — Indeed. Josh Ligairi is an extremely talented man (a man of many talents!) and one of the very best podcast talents I know. And a heck of a nice guy… (That’s why he’s my co-host on Movie Podcast Weekly and Horror Movie Podcast.)

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. Great show but you guys are way off about Lena Dunham. Anorexia is an epidemic. The fact that Lena Dunham is willing to show her body as much as she does, as candidly as she does, is incredibly brave. She shows that young girls who cant fit into the hollywood form can feel beautiful. Far from being gratuitous and needlessly graphic, the nudity in Girls makes a poignant point about the female body. Lena also sheds light on broader contemporary contradictions. For example: As a young woman I’m told to make money,but then I’m told that money wont make you happy. Lena honestly portrays the issues dominating a generations mental landscape. That’s why Girls is genius.

  7. Really great show.
    The portion of the podcast dealing with the Rock and Roll hall of fame struck a chord with me. I went on to do some research and I was shocked to find that Randy Newman was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame this past April. Either I know far less about Mr. Newman than I thought I did, or the soundtrack for Toy Story greatly influenced the evolution of Rock and Roll.

  8. @Sophie — Excellent comment, Sophie. Thank you. Brilliant. What did you think of the photo of the (literally) bone thin, macabre Barbie doll in the show notes? I think that doll is a peripheral glimpse at just how much of an epidemic anorexia is… Thanks for your comment. This is the kind of female perspective we need.

    @Erik — Hilarious comment about Randy Newman. I know, right? … I saw him on the list and thought the same thing. However, a quick search on will reveal that Randy Newman contributed (at least, to some extent) to 138 soundtracks in the film and TV world from 1964 to present! 138! (For some perspective, the Great John Williams himself clocks in at 203 titles…) Not too shabby. And in February of 2002, Newman broke the all-time record for the most Oscar nominations without any wins… His new record has since been surpassed, though. By the way, did you know that Randy Newman was the singing bush in “iThree Amigos!”?

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. So it took this ridiculous performance from Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke for me to realize what the song “Blurred Lines” was, and I have to say… I love that song. It does remind me of some song from the past, but I really don’t think it’s Prince, not sure what it is. But after that performance from Miley I’m convinced she is so overcompensating from being a Disney star that she is very likely to join the 27 club if she even makes it that far. Just crazy. I’m more offended by how stupid she looked doing what she did rather than what she did.

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