The Donut Show Ep. 001: The Sweetest Podcast Launch in the History of Ever


Welcome to Episode 001 of The Donut Show — it’s what happens when three grown men eat donuts and talk pop culture. You’re gonna love it! Your three intrepid hosts — Jason Pyles, Keith Stein and Willis Wheeler — spend a little over an hour engaging in all sorts of crazy talk, randomness and reviews.

For instance, here in Episode 001, we talk a bit about the inexplicable football star, Tim Tebow; former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner; Hugh Jackman’s man’s manliness, whether Christian Bale will come back for another Batman movie, and the glorious comeback of Hostess! Give us a listen and subscribe!

SHOW NOTES for Episode 001:

1. Welcome | Intro
2. Donut Mini Reviews
Keith: dark chocolate and real peanut butter
Willis: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — 4 pack
Jason: Beyond Glaze’s Blueberry Torte donut and S’More donut
3. Cage Match
Jason: Hostess Ho-Ho’s
Willis: Hostess Orange-Flavored Cupcakes
4. Trending Talk
— Anthony Weiner, Tim Tebow
— Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale
— The Return of Hostess
5. Man Issues
6. The World of Wrestling and Superheroes From Willis
— Summer Slam 2013
— Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man comic
— DC’s “Evil Within”
7. TV, Rock Gods and Whatever Happened to…
— The Return of “Breaking Bad, Season 5”
— The Awful State of Present-Day Music: Blurred Lines
8. Jason’s 3 Movies in 3 Minutes
In Theaters: Elysium (2013)
New on DVD: The Company You Keep (2013)
Lesser-Known Gem: Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)
9. Word of the Day | Random Facts
10. Are You Getting Fat? / The Exercise Throw-Down Showdown
12. Donut of the Week
13. Closing

Thanks you for listening. Join us next Thursday for another episode!

Special thanks goes out to Hostess Brands, LLC, for its contributions to this episode. We’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.


Keith’s plugs:
Krispy Kreme Film Festival

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Terror Troop horror movie podcast
Cinema Beef Podcast
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Willis On Facebook
Willis on the NFW Movie Commentary Podcast (mostly horror-related)

Jason’s plugs:
Jason likes this video: Shark Week Cat

The Dave Eaton Element
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6 thoughts on “The Donut Show Ep. 001: The Sweetest Podcast Launch in the History of Ever

  1. Jason, you just drew a thin glazed line with the Swiss rolls comment, those are way better than a ho-ho. In fact, they are comparable in taste to Olive Garden’s chocolate lasagna, the best desert ever. Olive Garden stupidly discontinued it. I don’t like ho-hos or orange cupcakes. I do agree with Willis though, I’m not a chocolate guy, vanilla all the way. Even when I do go for chocolate I prefer white chocolate. Tim Tebow was a winner in Denver, he took them to the final four teams two years ago and never got to start a game for the Jets last year. He doesn’t have the stats Peyton Manning had, but took the same team (with less talent) farther the year prior. He deserves a shot, stats or not, once he loses more than he wins might agree.

  2. Donuts and Pop (culture)?! You’re making me hungry … and geeky.

    Great show, guys.

    I suppose we should have seen it coming: the black guy likes vanilla and the white guys like chocolate. The grass is always greener, I guess. Haha.

    Although I think Keith is wrong about Twinkies being an American icon (if there was any question, it was cemented with Zombieland), I think he is correct about them being inedible. I can’t believe how much processed crap you eat, Jay. I’m finally understanding why Jason can’t handle a slow-burn on Movie Podcast Weekly or Movie Steam Cast: the guy doesn’t eat enough brain food! You couldn’t pay me to eat a HoHo or an orange cupcake. They are definitely NOT the same thing as baking a donut and then wrapping them up, as Jay suggested. Keith put it best “It’s got a 45 day shelf-life. What more do you need to know?” I did like the Hostess interview, however. It reminds me of when Mr. Roger’s visited fire stations and crayon factories. Those were the days:

    I will say, I can’t relate to Willis’ donut tastes either. I love any fancy variety of donut–there is an amazing culture of boutique donut shops in the Northwest and we have some great mom and pop bakeries here as well–but there is nothing as amazing as a hot, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth, classic glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. I actually haven’t had a donut in quite awhile, because I’m on a diet , but I’m looking forward to October when Krispy Kreme has their Halloween decorated donuts. My 2-year-old wants to have a Spiderman-themed birthday party when he turns 3 and I’m going to get a whole heap of Krispy Kreme’s spiderweb donuts for it. The S’more donut sounds great, Jay. I will have to check out Beyond Glaze once I reach my goal weight.

    I think Keith may have hit on a new health food / junk food crossover. Organic peanut butter and dark chocolate, fresh, not so waxy and processed as a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Figure out how to get the calories down and get those in all of the health food stores!

    I’m going to send you guys some good stuff, but you need to post some mailing addresses where treats can be sent. I was at the store in LA while listening to the show today and found a few choice items.

    Keith, I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised about your problems with New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner for two reasons: First, your acknowledged respect for Bill Clinton. Not altogether different circumstances. And second, you are from Toronto. Does the name Rob Ford ring a bell?! This did bring up an interesting dilemma for me personally, though, because I’d have excused President Clinton’s private life as private and told naysayers to concentrate on his politics. But, with Rob Ford, it seems you have a clear case of an elected official violating the public’s trust. So, Weiner’s wiener begs the question whether we should put our trust in a politician who has already lied to us. I think some people are just so amazed by his tenacity in continuing with his campaign in the face of scandal that he just may have a future in politics (or reality TV), if not in this election cycle.

    Keith is probably right about the societal issues coming out of reality TV, but I’d say that the talent shows are at least of the offenders. Contestants on those shows display real talent, at least. And some don’t. Nothing new there. It has at least been around since the Gong Show, if not earlier. In my opinion, there is a much bigger problem with people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian who are famous just for being famous. People are now obsessed with fame, not with the talents that used to propel the careers of famous people. I’ve heard Kevin Smith and Jason Alexander both stalk about this, and one of them talked about how people sit at home and see George Clooney on the red carpet and think “that looks like fun” and “I want to be famous like him” when the red carpet is probably the worst part of his day. George Clooney didn’t start out wanting to be famous, he started out wanting to act. And now he is an actor who got famous (after a really difficult early career filled with failure and sub-par work) because he worked hard and is really talented. So, what I’m saying is, if you have to have reality TV shows: keep your American Idols and Project Greenlights and get rid of your Bachelors and Big Brothers. Good reality TV serves the same purpose as documentary: Illuminating real drama and real series and real lives in the world around us. Non-fiction is where it is at.

    I don’t want to see Christian Bale as Batman again. He is easily the worst part of Nolan’s films. An interesting Bruce Wayne, but sucks as the bat. I’d rather see them bring in a new guy and start prepping us for the Justice League movie.

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about re: music. As someone who has always appreciated underground music and been weary of the mainstream (I’m one of those people Jay referenced who thought Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine were corporate sell-outs in the 90s, but I appreciated them with the rise of Britney Spears and NSync), I’d say that this is actually the best that mainstream music has been since the 90s and probably better than the 90s. I’m an apologist of all things 80s and love me some cheesy New Wave, but if we want to get real, I think the music today is on par with the greats of the late 60s and early 70s. There are hundreds of amazing musicians and bands out there right now, most in the underground, true, but several on the general public’s radar as well. Keith, I will make you a mix tape and you can tell me if I’m crazy. Now, I don’t listen to the poppiest of pop or R&B–it just doesn’t appeal to me–so I can’t speak to that. I’ve never heard an entire Katy Perry or Kanye West song. I know who Robin Thicke is only because he is married to actress and goddess Paula Patton, but I’ve never heard his music. However, much respect to him for being the son of Alan Thicke, a true Canadian treasure:

    Jay asked for feedback, so here is a little constructive criticism.

    The main difficulty with The Donut Show is that it would work better in person because it is supposed to have a “boys at the bar” vibe (if I’m not mistaken) and it would work better if you guys knew each there a little better–but I think both of those will improve with time as you get more comfortable with each other and the format.

    I also think you need a good “Piano Man” type sing-along bar song for the theme. Whether it be Jay’s boy Billy Joel or Mumford & Sons or even the harder-edge Dropkick Murphy’s, that kind of fraternal chorus is just what a show like this needs. It could even be about Keith’s favorite topic of man-scaping 😉

    I also like the junk food contest and you should add more games to a show like this. Doug Benson does it well on the Doug Loves Movies podcast and Walt Falangen does it well on the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave podcast. I will post some of their game examples for you. The latter also does great with a discussion show like this by gathering a bunch of bizarre news stories throughout the week, reading them on-air in abbreviated form, and then simply discussing them. SModcast often follows this format as well. Again, I will send you some examples.

    But, hey! It is your first episode. Really enjoying the show so far. Since Keith seems to rate on a 4 donut scale and jason on a 3 donut scale (loved to hear your props for Agire), I will go my own way and rate the 1st episode of your podcast a 4 out of 5 donuts! Keep it up, guys!

  3. It was great to follow along with your first Donut Show Podcast. I love how Star Wars was talked about. I would love to see Ray Parks/Darth Maul return. He was shafted last time. I must say that when speaking of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups it doesnt matter…dark or milk chocolate it is the ultimate marriage of flavors!
    Willis is hilarious! Jason you are a true host…miss you buddy!

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