Meet the Hosts

JasonJason Pyles

Jason Pyles hails from West Virginia but has settled down in Salt Lake City, Utah. He loves fatherhood, movies, cereal, karate, music, Dairy Queen, Coke and Pepsi and buying snacks at gas stations. Jason is unnaturally friendly — a martial artist of 10 years, a songwriter, a Mormon (which is to say, a Christian) and a mama’s boy. He is scarily obsessed with the cinema — and his favorite film genres are crime, thriller and horror flicks. Jason has been a podcaster for three years and a film critic for seven, and he has a cardiac pacemaker — so he’s a real-life cyborg, with a slight phobia of flying kites…


KeithKeith Stein

Keith Stein is a lawyer and businessman based in Toronto, Canada. He loves living life and his adventures have included dining in the Bavarian Forest with President Clinton and Heidi Klum, being backstage with the Rolling Stones and even an appearance on Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Keith’s most exciting experience, though, may lie ahead in his weekly run-ins with Jason and Willis on The Donut Show.



 WillisWillis Wheeler

From the nation’s capital, Willis Wheeler is a collector of comics, movies, video games and toys. Star of TV and the podcasting world, Willis is a hard-working man who loves all things pop culture. And good news, Ladies — he’s still single! This wild man is also a host on the Terror Troop horror movie podcast, and yes, that really is his real voice.