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Ep. 028: Meatballs, Snuggies and Three Men and a Baby

Ep. 027: An Interview With JJ Dillon, Wrestling Hall of Famer and Leader of the Original Four Horsemen

Ep. 026: The Pour Sports Live Guys Talk Super Bowl XLVIII

Ep. 025: Model Sabrina Goodman, the 56th Grammys and Super Bowl XLVIII

Ep. 024: MLK, Oprah and Sanford and Son

Ep. 023: The Golden Globes and Christian Bale vs. Woody Harrelson

Ep. 022: We Are the World of the Deep Web

Ep. 021: Faces, Race and Rob Bass

Ep. 020: Year in Review 2013

Ep. 019: Life, Love and Jim Ginou

Ep. 018: Kate Parkinson, Rosefina Royce and 32 Other People Who Make the World a Better Place

Ep. 017: Geeks and Geek Culture

Ep. 016: Thanksgiving and a Guy Named Andy

Ep. 015: The Life and Times of Jesse Ventura and Our Biggest Pet Peeves

Ep. 014: Why We Have Superheroes

Ep. 013: Philosophies About Life and an Interview With Near-Death Experiencer Val Rampersaud

Ep. 012: Halloween Special With Boss Butcher

Ep. 011: Fighting About Music

Ep. 010: The Donut Show Goes to the Movies

Ep. 009: The U.S. Government Shutdown and Sci-Fi That Has Become Reality

Ep. 008: The Breaking Bad Series Finale

Ep. 007: Men, Women and Duck Dynasty

Ep. 006: Are We Breaking Bad?

Ep. 005: An Interview With Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC and the Perils of Friendship

Ep. 004: Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

Ep. 003: Actor Todd Bridges and Miley Cyrus’s Different Strokes

Ep. 002: The Emmys Speculation and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Oversights

Ep. 001: The Sweetest Podcast Launch in the History of Ever

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